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Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe. [01 Jun 2005|08:15pm]
Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe.I want to say Happy birthday to the woman that i admire deerly.
The one and only Marilyn Monroe,who today would have been 79 years old.

-Take a moment to remember the woman that put the sexiness, fun, sparkle , sizzle into life.

Marilyn Monroe 1st June 2005.Happy B-day,
Love Clarexx
9 | All That Hollywood Glamour

FRIENDS ONLY! [30 Mar 2005|07:28am]
Friends Only

-Must have something in common
-Must read my journal/comment in my journal a few times.
-DON`T just randomly add me because you don`t have any friends.

Nobody add me without asking to add me here.
I won`t just add any body,i will try to add you if i can.
If there is a reason why i don`t add you ,i will say so.

-I hope you still want to be friends after that lol
17 | All That Hollywood Glamour

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